Kieran Shannon Customer Success Feature

Key Outcomes

  • Reduction on electricity costs
  • Positive contribution towards the environment


The Challenge

Our technical team conducted a site survey to gain an understanding of the challenge Kieran was facing. The home electricity bills were increasing and Kieran wanted to make significant reductions. The existing system was not fit for purpose as it was not very energy efficient. Kieran had no insight into the performance of his electricity system in order to monitor usage. 

The Solution

Based on the site survey, North Cork Electrical determined that the Longi 365w panels and the 5.11ks system was the best solution for Kieran. The Longi panels have a high conversion efficiency and provide excellent power output, even on cloudy days. The Huawei Sun2000-4KTL inverter helps to provider greater efficiencies. The MyEnergi Eddie hot water diverter diverts surplus power from the solar PV system and directs it to heat water or rooms, rather than exporting it to the national grid.

The PV system allows for remote monitoring enabling both Kieran and North Cork Electrical to monitor the usage and identify areas for maximum efficiency within the home. The display dashboard displays information on the system performance, cost savings, and environmental savings to the homeowner

The installation of this system was completed within two days by our experienced technical team. 





The installation of the full system will generate a potential yield of 4,308.45kWh per year and provide efficiency of 98.4%. This will enable Kieran to produce clean green electricity and future proof against rising electricity prices, while making substantial savings. 

"North Cork Electrical is a very professional and well-managed company. I recently got solar panels installed in my own home, and there were no issues whatsoever with the installation. The staff are very friendly and professional. They did a very neat job on my roof and I'm happy with the overall outcome."
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