PV and EV Charging Installation 

Renewable energy is increasingly becoming an important aspect of operations for organisations. With fossil fuel prices increasing and consumers demanding more from businesses regarding the environment, now is an excellent time to switch over to a clean, plentiful and unlimited source of energy.

North Cork Electrical supports a vast range of clients including construction, education, hospitality, and manufacturing. Our expert team of technicians including PV installers, have the knowledge and experience to advise and install the best energy systems to meet your needs including EV chargining point installation.



Commercial Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Systems

North Cork Electrical Eco specialises in helping organisations to source and install the most energy efficient systems to meet their needs. The solar panels are manufactured by experts in solar technology and offer organisations greater yield rates and maximum efficiency.

There are several benefits to installing solar systems.

  • By generating your own electricity on-site, you can maximise efficiency.
  • By installing a Solar PV system on existing roof space, you are saving on energy bills.
  • By availing of grants, you can install and integrate renewable energy systems at affordable costs.
Electrical Vehicle Charging

At North Cork Electrical, we take great pride in each & every electric vehicle charging installation we complete, large or small. We manage every project from start to finish using our extensive experience and knowledge. We recommend and install the multi-award winning MyEngergi Zappi, WallBox, EO and Solaredge chargers; all which are extremely cost effective and eco-friendly. 


Benefits of Electrical Vehicle Charging:

  • Lower fuel costs.
  • Better performance, lighter and faster acceleration.
  • Less maintenance due to an efficient electric motor.
  • Reduces your carbon footprint.
  • Save money and avail of government grants.
Electrical Contracting

North Cork Electrical supports the complete electrical installation for commercial premises and new housing developments. In addition, we also provide rewire services to existing properties to ensure they comply with current standards and regulation.


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