Renewable Energy Solutions For Your Home

Concerned about your home energy bills increasing? Want to reduce your carbon footprint? North Cork Electrical can provide you with the right renewable energy solutions for your home and help significantly reduce your bills. Our systems are fully tailored to your home needs and include solar panel installation.  

Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Systems

PV solar systems are the leading future for residential electricity. You can save up to 50% on your current electricity bills which results in more money in your wallet and less consumption of fossil fuels. All benefiting our environment. Our installation process is professional, quick and easy.


Benefits of Solar PV:

  • Clean green energy and reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Installation is quick and easy.
  • Increase your home's BER rating.
  • Silent to operate and maintenance free.
  • Save money and avail of government grants.
LED Lighting

If you haven't switched to LED lighting, now is the time. LED lighting has become more popular in the home as people choose to replace their standard halogen lighting to LED. LED bulbs last much longer than incandescent bulbs, and they put out the same amount of light using significantly less energy. That's great for the environment, and it can save you money on your electricity bill in the long term.

Benefits of LED Lighting:

  • Emit more light per watt than incandescent light bulbs.
  • Light up quickly and ideal for frequent on/off cycling.
  • Difficult to damage with external shock.
  • Emit light of a certain colour without using filters.
Electrical Vehicle Charging

Charging at home is the most cost-effective and convenient way to charge your electric vehicle. The majority of EV users with their own charge point are able to fully charge their car overnight. We recommend and install the multi-award winning MyEngergi Zappi, WallBox, EO and Solaredge chargers; all which are extremely cost effective and eco-friendly. 


Benefits of Electric Vehicle Charging:

  • Lower fuel costs.
  • Better performance, lighter and faster acceleration.
  • Less maintenance due to an efficient electric motor.
  • Reduces your carbon footprint.
  • Save money and avail of government grants.


Our trained engineers will perform a free and no obligations site visit. They will advise on the most suitable energy efficient system for your home requirements 

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