Electric Vehicle Charging Installers

With rising fuel costs and a greater focus on climate change, electric cars will become a more permanent fixture in our thought process when purchasing our next vehicle. To support this change in the renewables and automotive industries North Cork Electrical is installing electric vehicle chargers


North Cork Electrical has partnered with leading brands MyEnergi – Zappi, WallBox, EO and Solaredge to provide a range of EV charging installer solutions to suit the residential and commercial sector. 



Benefits of Electrical Vehicle Charging:
  • Lower fuel costs.
  • Better performance, lighter and faster acceleration.
  • Less maintenance due to an efficient electric motor.
  • Reduces your carbon footprint.
  • Save money and avail of government grants.
Grants and Allowances

The SEAI is offering a grant to assist homeowners install an electric vehicle charge point on their property. The scheme provides a grant up to the value of €600 towards the purchase and installation of a home charger unit.

Businesses can avail of the Accelerated Capital Allowance (ACA) tax incentive for energy saving equipment. This incentive allows local businesses to deduct the full cost of the equipment from their profits in the year of purchase. As a result, the reduction in tax paid by the organisation in that year is currently 12.5% of the value of capital expenditure

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