North Cork Electrical Ltd - Conditions for the sale of goods and supply of services



  1. GENERAL: These conditions shall form part of the Contract of Sale and/or Services entered into with North Cork Electrical Ltd (Seller). All orders placed for goods and services are subject to acceptance in writing.
  2. FIRM PRICES: Quoted prices are firm for sales orders within 14 days from the date of quotation. Therefore, quoted prices are subject to adjustment to reflect variations in costs unless otherwise stated on the quotation. All quoted prices whether firm for 14 days or for a longer period as may be given on the quotation specifically exclude any increase in the Seller’s prices that may be occasioned by the increase or imposition of any duty or tax payable in respect of the Seller’s products or services. Quoted service and repair prices are budget prices, which may be subject to adjustment to reflect variations in circumstances beyond the Seller’s control.
  3. CHANGES TO QUOTED WORK: If the buyer decides to make changes to planned work after the contract has been signed, notification must be given to the Seller without delay.  Where possible, the changes will be incorporated into the schedule of works. This may require changes to the original quote provided. Where this is feasible, the Seller requires the Buyer to confirm the changes in writing within fourteen days.
  4. INSTALLATION: Once an order has been placed, the Seller will contact the Buyer to confirm an installation date. The installation will be carried out strictly in line with the standards relevant to the technology.  The goods supplied will be of merchantable quality and fit for the purpose. Any work to prepare for the installation, carried out by the Buyer or a third party, should be carried out in line with the agreed start date for the installation. If this work has not been completed and a consequent delay is caused, the Buyer may be liable for any costs incurred by the Seller for such a delay. The Buyer is required to supply the Seller the following free of charge: electricity, water, access to a toilet. The Buyer also needs to ensure safe and easy access to the installation area. The installation work will be carried out by personnel trained to a very high standard. The Buyer will be given warranties for both the installation and the related products. Once installation is complete, any damage to or loss of such goods is the Buyer’s responsibility. 
  1. DEPOSITS & ADVANCE PAYMENTS: Any deposits and advance payments that are made by the Buyer to the Seller are only applicable to work carried out under this contract. Any goods purchased by the Seller for use under this contract, will have the legal title remaining with the Seller until the goods are paid for in full. If a deposit is requested, then this deposit will not exceed 50% of the total contract price set out in the quotation. Should the Buyer decide to cancel this contract within the cancellation period, then this deposit will be returned promptly. If a deposit is requested before a full technical assessment of the property has been made, and the Seller is unable to proceed because of something discovered during that technical inspection, then any deposits or advance payments will be returned
  1. PAYMENT: Unless otherwise agreed in writing payment is to be made without deduction prior to or on the due date stated on the invoice. The Seller reserves the right to charge interest on a daily basis on arrears at the rate of 3% above the rate offered to leading banks in the ECU rate. Failure to make payments in respect of instalments or work carried out under this or any other contract with the Seller shall entitle the Seller to delay, suspend or cancel any outstanding deliveries of goods or cease the supply of services and enter Buyer’s premises to remove goods which are Seller’s property without the Seller thereby incurring liability for any claim for damage or loss and without prejudice to the Seller’s right to treat the contract as repudiated and claim damages.
  2. VALUE ADDED TAX (VAT): The Seller shall be entitled to charge VAT at the rate prescribed at the date of invoicing or any other tax or duty based on or related to the supply of goods or services or turnover whether or not included in any quotation or invoice for which the Seller may be liable in respect of any contract.
  3. LATENT DEFECT: While the Seller takes all reasonable precaution to ensure that a proper standard of workmanship is used during installation, and that its goods are of satisfactory quality and fit for the purpose they are sold and that the goods comply with their description and specifications, it shall not be responsible for any latent defects in goods supplied however caused which could not reasonably be avoided by proper supervision and could not reasonably have been discovered prior to delivery.
  4. CANCELLATION OR AMENDMENT: When an order has been placed, the Buyer has 7 days in which to modify or cancel. Any advance payments received shall be returned to the Buyer. The Buyer is entitled to cancel the contract if there is a serious delay in the Seller’s ability to carry out the agreed work that is outside of the Buyer’s control, but within the Seller’s control. The Buyer will be entitled to a full refund. However, If the contract is cancelled outside the cancellation period the Buyer may have to pay the Seller reasonable costs for any losses incurred. The cancellation is required in writing, either to the address on the quotation or to within the 7-day grace period.
  5. RISK AND TITLE: Title to the goods shall remain with the Seller until payment in full is made for the goods and all other sums which are, or which become due from Buyer on any account. Should payment not be forthcoming the Seller, or a representative, shall have the right to enter upon Buyer’s premises and recover and dispose of the goods as long as the goods remain readily identifiable as the Seller’s property and the goods have been maintained in satisfactory condition.
  6. GOVERNING LAW: This contract shall be interpreted and operate in all respects and accordance with the laws of Ireland and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Irish Courts.
  7. SEVERABILITY: Any provisions of these Conditions which in any way now or subsequently contravenes the law shall be deemed severable and shall not affect any other provision(s) herein.



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