Is Solar Power The Right Choice For Your Home?

With colder, wetter months around the corner, it’s no surprise homeowners are dreading their next energy bill. Gas and oil prices continue to rise, meaning our energy and heating bills will also. While governments try to work out a plan, we must figure out a better way to make cost savings on our home's energy bills. As of 1st October, energy prices had risen by 38.2% and gas by 47% across Ireland. With inflation and changes in Europe happening rapidly, prices are not dropping anytime soon. Rising costs, pressure on supply chains and our larger impact on the environment all need a major change.


A change to renewable energy, such as home solar energy is the right way forward. Solar panels help to reduce energy bills, they are a more efficient source of heat and power, and they minimise your impact on the environment. Homes which continue to use traditional gas and oil will continue to pay more for less energy. With solar energy, you can reduce maintenance costs for heating and power systems and reduce your energy bills.


A report form the SEAI reported that businesses could save up to €3,000 per year with the installation of solar PV. That savings could be even higher. When you can reduce your dependence on oil and gas, solar power doesn’t seem like a bad decision after all. Solar energy in particular can be adopted for residential and commercial buildings. Home solar panels provide a safe and clean energy alternative.


The Benefits of Solar Energy for Your Home:

Solar energy will save you money, improve your home's energy rating, reduce your impact on climate change, and can make you money.

  • Since July 2022 homeowners who produce excess solar energy can sell this to the grid network.
  • Renewable energy resources can help improve your home's BER energy ratings. Making your home more appealing to potential buyers.
  • Solar power energy is good for the environment. You reduce your home's carbon footprint and help combat the effects of climate change.
  • Solar power not only produces electricity but thermal solar units can produce much of your home's hot water too.

Is Solar Power Worth It?

Improvements in solar power technology mean homeowners now receive far more stability. This is important in Ireland where direct sunlight is not always that accessible.  Earlier designs and models were not of much use to Irish homeowners. They were not financially viable, but that has changed a lot in recent years. Better technology and more competition mean solar power is more affordable than ever before.


You Can Move Towards NetZero and Passive Living:

If you want to move your house towards NetZero emissions or to passive energy, then solar power is one of the best ways forward.  This clean, silent and efficient energy source is ideal for all homeowners who want to reduce Co2 emissions.  Sustainable living can be difficult but with renewable energy on your side, it is possible.


Solar Power Also Provides Hot water:

Not only can solar power work for your home’s electricity, but it will also heat your water. Hot water diverters use any excess power to heat your home’s water supply. Anything remaining is transferred to the power grid. In this way you are essentially getting hot water for free.


Solar Power Is Low Maintenance:

Solar power technology does not contain a lot of moving parts. This means maintenance and repair costs are low.  Many solar panel installers offer guarantees and warranties for their installation services. Gas boilers, water heating systems and storage are all needed for traditional power sources, but not with solar power.



Are solar panels worth it in Ireland?

Yes. With advancements in solar technology and the adoption of renewable energy, there has never been a better time to change.  At the moment, there are grants available of up to €2,400 for domestic homes which install solar panels. This grant will offset some of the initial cost of your solar panel installation. This makes solar panels more available to homeowners across the country. If you are still hesitant to adopt solar energy, think of the long-term financial savings and hope it impacts the environment. Ireland has some of Europe’s highest energy prices and it has been this way for many years. As prices are set to continue rising there has never been a better time to adopt solar energy.


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