How businesses can benefit from the solar energy system

Solar panels can benefit users greatly, whether for commercial or private use. They are a long-term energy source, are low maintenance, and the installation costs can be offset by government grants and financing.

With continued high energy prices, supply chain disruptions, and the war in Ukraine, energy prices will continue to be challenging for businesses. When trying to keep costs low and your business profitable, it is essential to consider different ways. Solar energy is one of the best options for companies in Ireland.


Why should you consider solar power systems for your business?

Apart from reducing pollution in the world, which is another big reason businesses should consider solar power systems, cost efficiency is one of the primary reasons your company should consider switching to solar energy.


5 Reasons you should consider shifting to solar power system:


Cost savings:

The rising energy prices have been an issue for businesses in Ireland for the past few years. We already pay some of the highest prices in Europe, which will only continue. Ireland is hampered by needing to be a net importer of nearly all fuel types.

With solar power, we reduce this need significantly. A consistent and reliable form of energy is perfect for commercial businesses in Ireland. Utilising unused roof and surface space will reduce energy costs is a win-win for commercial companies.


No grid-dependency:

A solar power system for your business will make your business at least semi-independent from the grid system. You are now able to supply excess energy to the grid at your specific provider rates. Besides the fact that it saves you on costs, using solar energy systems also helps you have a reliable source of consistent energy.

With our grid system currently suffering from significant outages and delays, there is nothing to say this will not happen more in the future. Solar energy provides you with a safety net for such issues with the likes of back up boxes and batteries.


Long-term investment:

Solar energy is a long-term investment for both homes and businesses. Although solar power systems need maintenance, they are still more sustainable and give a better advantage over using electricity from the grid.

Solar panels are generally low maintenance and may only require some cleaning and light maintenance. Many installers will guarantee units for several years, just in case of any issues.

With improvements in design and engineering, solar panels are becoming more productive while costing less and requiring less maintenance. As a result, they are a perfect investment for any business, big or small.


Environment friendly:

There is no doubt that solar power systems are more environmentally friendly. In addition, using solar systems brings many benefits, from reducing noise to minimising the risk of spills and leaks from traditional fossil fuels.

Companies that want to improve their brand and become green should consider solar energy use.  Customers enjoy working with and connecting with businesses that care about the environment and making the switch will help your brand and business in the long term.


Clean Export Premium (CEP):

The CEP is a framework still being developed that will allow businesses to receive payments for any residual energy exported to the grid. While frameworks are already in place for domestic exports, this will be a welcome incentive to business owners. The CEP will offset costs and benefit your business considerably once rolled out successfully.


Getting financial assistance to install a solar system for your business

Recent budget announcements for 2023 have included several incentives for companies to change to renewable energy. These include:


Small Firms Investment in Energy Efficiency Scheme

These are grants awarded by your LEO for businesses changing to renewable energy methods, including solar energy. It is a follow on from the Green for Micro scheme.


Energy efficiency loan scheme-SMCI

This scheme allows borrowers to access loans of up to €150,000 per borrower for up to 10 years.

Many schemes and tax incentives are available for businesses through the SEAI. These are geared toward helping businesses significantly reduce their carbon footprints and energy costs.


If you want to shift your business to the solar power system, look for assistance from North Cork Electrical and start your journey with a better, more cost-effective business model today. North Cork Electrical also provides commercial electrical contracting services to businesses throughout the Munster region.

We have seen a massive increase in demand for renewable energy from commercial businesses. The pros far outweigh the cons and if you want to make the change today, contact our team today.

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