Now is the time to go Solar

Reliance on fossil fuels to heat our homes and make us comfortable in colder months is no longer feasible. Oil, gas and Ireland's favourite turf, all negatively affect the environment and our bank accounts. With major effects on the environment, we know it is time to start making significant changes. With advancements in renewable energy technology, its affordability, and professional installers on hand to get projects done quickly there has never been a better time to go solar.

Solar power is a tried and tested method, which is why homeowners in Ireland are continually switching to solar power.


Will Solar Power Cannot work in Ireland?

This is something many of us have asked for numerous years. It was once thought to be impossible to use solar energy in Ireland as we are a wet and cloudy country. But advancements in technology mean we can get even more power from the sun than ever before.


Making the Change to Solar Power:

In early 2020, over 50000 homes were using solar panels, this number has greatly increased since then and there are quite a few reasons for this! Let us have a look at some of the benefits of solar power and why you should convert ASAP.


Making Money from the Sun:

One of the biggest advantages for homeowners in 2022 is the opportunity to make money by selling excess electricity to the national grid. In June 2022, the government will start buying surplus solar energy from homes across the country. The support scheme initially announced in December 2021 comes with several benefits including a grant of up to €2400 for the installation of your solar panels. There are also incentives for businesses and farms to adopt solar power allowing them to make money also.

To help homeowners make the transition to solar power there are several grants available to aid in the purchasing and installation of solar power.


SEAI Grants:

One major block for many homes in the past was the cost of solar power installation. Initial upfront fees were too much for many homes in Ireland, but that has now changed. The solar PV scheme provides a one-off payment for the purchase and installation of solar panels. The PV scheme can also be used for the purchase of battery storage systems allowing homes to store the energy they create. The grant will cover up to €2400 of the cost involved.

Contact the SEAI for more information.


Improved Technology:

Your home will continue to benefit from improved technology. Renewable technology progression has been rapid and will continue to be. This means more energy efficiency, fewer costs and lower maintenance over time. While fossil fuel technology continues to become obsolete, renewable sources of energy and the accompanying technology will only benefit early adopters.

If you decide to invest in solar technology now, you will get the best on the market solutions to improve your energy rating and reduce your bills.


Save on Your Energy Bills:

Depending on your business and/or family consumption, the vast majority of your energy will come from solar power. This means your bills will be greatly reduced. A sticking point for many in Ireland is the continuing rise of energy prices. Is now not the right time to make that change and start seeing savings now rather than later?


It’s not all about energy:

Solar power is primarily known for proving electricity to your home. But solar power can also provide your home with hot water. Solar thermal solutions can supply up to 60% of your home's hot water needs for an entire year. This means added savings for your home and again a lower impact on the environment.


Solar Power is Low Maintenance:

Solar power units are extremely low maintenance. The upkeep costs are far less than your traditional gas and oil maintenance fees. Any issues that you may incur can be quickly remedied by the team at North Cork Electrical. Additionally, the Irish weather helps. Rain will take care of the cleaning aspect for most of the year. That means you will only need to clean your solar panels a handful of times per year.


Renewable energy:

Of course, we saved the best until last. Solar power is renewable. You do not have to worry about where your fuel has come from, how it has been processed, its impact on the environment or where you will store your fuel. Renewable sources ensure costs are minimised, your home's impact on the environment is greatly reduced and with minimal upkeep, you can maintain energy levels and home heating for many, many years to come.

Get in touch  with North Cork Electrical if you are considering making the switch to solar power

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