Grants that Make Renewable Energy Possible

As governments across the world continue to search for solutions to fight climate change, it is small individual acts that ultimately make a big difference. Actions such as recycling, reusing old items and switching to renewable sources of energy can greatly improve the environment. You can reduce your impact on the environment and benefit financially by switching to renewable sources of energy for your home and business


The Problems with Solar Power:

Switching to solar energy for a long time seemed unfeasible in Ireland. Our climate and the cost of installation of solar panels and other units ensured that the uptake of renewable energy was slow. This has thankfully begun to change.


Government Grants:

One of the major factors behind the uptake in renewable energy has been state institution grants.  Grants now being used to offset the cost of solar power installation. Grants from bodies such as the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) supply home and business owners with financial assistance for the purchase and installation of solar power systems. You may be wondering what the grant covers and how it is managed, here we will break down some of the main points of the SEAI, the SEAI Grant and why you should avail of it now.



The SEAI was founded to promote renewable energy use through education and training. It also provides numerous grants to businesses and homes. These grants aid in the updating of property to make them more energy-efficient and for the transition to renewable sources of energy. The SEAI provide two separate solar power grants for homeowners in Ireland.


Solar PV Scheme:

The solar PV scheme provides a one-off payment to be used for the purchase and installation of solar panels in your home. This grant is capped at €2,400. The grant comes with the stipulation that your home should be well insulated before applying for the grant and before starting solar panel installation work. The solar PV scheme is limited to solar photovoltaics, panels which produce electricity for your home. This grant can also be used for the purchase of battery storage systems, but with the government starting the purchase of excess electricity this may become unnecessary shortly. Any homeowner with a home built before 2021 can apply for the solar PV scheme.


Solar thermal scheme:

As the name suggests the solar thermal scheme is dedicated to solar power units which heat the water in your home. According to the SEAI, solar thermal systems can generate between 40% and 60% of your home's yearly hot water needs so a very worthwhile investment. This grant is capped at €1,200 for homeowners.


Why you Should Avail of These Grants:

Of course, offsetting the installation costs of your solar panels is the primary source for using this grant. With average installation costs ranging between €5,000 and €7,500 saving upwards of €2,500 is a smart move. But many other benefits come with having solar panels installed on your home.


Reduced Energy Bills:

With fuel prices continually increasing, it's important to look for ways to save money in the long run. Costs will continue to rise, while renewable energy sources, technology and cost will improve. Getting started now is a great way to start saving on energy bills. Initial costs are not high in comparison to the savings you will start making almost immediately.


Opportunities to Sell Added Energy:

As already mentioned, in June of 2022 the government will begin buying excess energy from homeowners. That’s right, you can start earning a small income simply by having solar panels placed on your home. This energy will be repurposed and used on the national grid system.


The Environmental Impact:

Solar panel units are low maintenance meaning that to produce, install and upkeep such equipment is far less costly to the environment and your pocket. Being a renewable source of energy also means your home's CO2 emission and global impact are greatly reduced. And as your home must be well insulated, you will double down on energy efficiency, consumption and environmental impact.


How to Apply for the SEAI Grant:

Homeowners can apply for the SEAI grant through their website or by contacting their office. It’s important to meet energy efficiency standards and find reputable solar panel installation experts.

If you are considering solar power for your home or want to learn more contact North Cork Electrical today.

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